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New journey [Oct. 4th, 2012|09:01 pm]
So I'm sitting here listening to Dr John Mark Reynolds lecture on ancient Greek Philosophy and culture and he talks about the cult of Delphi verses Philosophy (mostly Plato and Aristotle).

I'm thinking about that lecture as well as thinking about the dinner I had tonight, a wonderful cobb salad prepared by my wife and I. She boiled the eggs and I cut up all the veggies and made a nice dressing. Now my wife is talking to me about how much she loves me and everything she has to get done tomorrow. Yikes!

I work tomorrow from 11 - 4 at a music store. I just got hired there a week ago! So excited.

Did you know the West is more an idea rather than a location? The ideas found in a lot of the Western Canon, the classical writings from the last 2,500 years, is what makes up the West, according to this Reynolds lecture.

Very interesting. Please comment.