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Almost October [Sep. 28th, 2012|04:43 pm]
I have been sitting and reading a lot today. It is helpful to know people are reading my entries because then I don't feel alone. I never feel alone anymore because I have a wife, but it is nice to have readers of my blog who interact with me.

I am currently reading Machiavelli's "The Prince" and "The Great Conversation" by Robert M. Hutchins. I have read "The Great Conversation" several times and each time I read it it gets more interesting. I want to read John Dewey's "Democracy and Education" but haven't yet got around to it. I think it is on my shelf somewhere. I really enjoy intelligent writing, which I find in great books. I am working my way through a 10-year reading list and am still on the first year. I've been there for about 6 years now. HA! I am finally making some progress on my own. I used to read Plato a lot with an educated friend of mine but he moved to Japan and so it has been hard to dialogue since he is in the air force.

I really like the movie "Julie and Julia" with Merryl Streep and Amy Adams. Amy Adams plays Julie Powell and she blogs in the movie about receipes from Julia Child's cook book. It really is a cute movie and well-made.

I think that's it for now. Will blog more in the future. Keep reading and commenting!